Our name is literal: Fact, Action and Opinion Economics,
i.e. Fact, Action and Viewpoint in Economics!

FAO Economics

We develop and offer the best solutions for each customer's needs.

FACT ACTION & OPINION ECONOMICS puts under the same roof, "marries", the specialized tax accountant with the economist who has specific sectoral representations in the management and operation of any type of business and organization and any other economic entity.

FAO thus becomes a comprehensive consultant with a depth of knowledge and a global approach to the whole problem.
A single service offering that combines accounting compliance and alignment with tax diligence and craftsmanship, always tailored to the specific corporate environment of each industry sector.
After we "read" the problem from all sides and detect the needs and concerns of the organization, we will propose integrated solutions that are economical, effective and immediately applicable.

The FAO is a pioneer, as it makes the provision of financial, accounting and tax advice a single product, a product that is now accessible even to individuals.
Our associates combine scientific training and craftsmanship with the knowledge and experience of a rich professional life and results.
Besides, consultants with an opinion and a view capable of anticipating events and not analysing them afterwards are not abundant, especially in our country.

Our methodology is very simple! Our previous management experience and its results make us know what the client wants and needs.

We know and can find a lot of information about finances and financial matters.

The recent global financial crisis marks, in our opinion, a redefinition of the "axes principle" after the technological and productive boom of the last 20 years which, as it turned out, was not accompanied by the necessary "tight" monetary expansion. The various global support packages have tried to make up for this shortfall.
But this situation has already caused serious tremors that have shaken the global economic system and created new facts even in the "fiscal" relations between states (see USA - Switzerland) or even redefined the special weight of forums like the G-8 in favour of others, such as the G-20.

Against this global backdrop, Greece is still "chasing" tax evasion and trying to adapt the state, businesses and households to the new circumstances.
The adaptation of businesses and the state cannot be achieved without a system, study and organised targeting and action.
In today's world of ever-changing conditions and volatile markets, individuals, businesses and institutional investors understand the need to be supported by a meaningful and objective financial advisor with whom they can develop a close relationship to better plan their professional and financial goals and objectives.

FAO Economics

FAO is that partner, uniquely skilled and flexible.

We are interested in the active involvement and effectiveness of our proposals, which is why we are
always next to you in the application, in their everyday life. Our systematic communication, our personal and confidential attention to your problem, helps us to advise and lead to success.

Our philosophy

Entrepreneurial Partners

Our founders and partners consider themselves your business partners, not mere accountants-employees.

Trust Relationship

Our way of working stems from the fact that we behave as trusted partners of our client in every daily problem, in difficult times, in circumstances that are constantly and rapidly changing, making any simple problem complex. That is why it is of particular importance to provide a direct, personal, flexible and rapid response.

We propose solutions

We see the problems from the customer's point of view and the proposed solutions are given in the form of personalised services.

Systematic Evaluation

We are independent and systematically use external partners, who are systematically selected and evaluated on the basis of the principle of "excellence" in their field of action.

The Company

Fact action & opinion economics was founded in 2009 and is a member of the Greek Chamber of Commerce.

FAO Economics

In today's ever-changing environment, of market volatility and constantly changing parameters, both accurate and effective partners and effective advisors are scarce. The concept of consultant in our country tends to take the form of a subcontractor rather than a partner-guide and problem solver. There are many times when someone pays consultants, only to end up working alongside them, often with uncertain results.

This existing gap is being filled by FAO - a new company - as a legal entity, but very old in terms of the partners involved.
FAO is a synthesis of experience and knowledge, solutions and perspectives on the current problems of transformation, transformation and the general adaptation of economic entities to the new data in accounting, tax and especially administrative issues that concern the high ranking of companies.

FAO is a collaboration of scientists who have distinguished themselves with their CVs and results, each in their own particular scientific field, and who work together to formulate a single package of services for the end-user-client.
Two things are important for us:



President & CEO


Economist - Tax Consultant A'

Scientific Team


Economist MA, Tax Consultant A'
Editorial Consultant of the magazine LOGISTIS
Member of TAXHEAVEN Scientific Team
Member of the EPLO Scientific Council TAX ACADEMY


Economist, Accountant - Tax Consultant A'


Financial Advisor - Project Manager


Economist, Accountant - Tax Consultant A'


Financial Advisor - Accountant


Economist, Accountant A' Maritime Accounting


Economist / Stockbroker
Managing Partner Orion Capital Ltd
Registered Representative Optima Bank


Economist - Accountant


Financial Advisor - Accountant




Technology Consultant - Project Manager


Economist - Accountant


Financial Advisor
Head of Tourism, Marketing & International Cruises


NTUA student