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FACT ACTION & OPINION ECONOMICS unites specialist tax consultancy and accountancy with economists who have specialist knowledge of the administration and operation of all forms of enterprise, organization or any other institution.

FAO thus comprises a comprehensive form of consultancy with extensive expert knowledge and a holistic approach to issues.
A single service that combines legally compliant and aligned accounting with diligent and skilful tax consultancy, always tailored to the specific corporate environment of each industry sector. After examining the problem from all sides, and identifying the needs and concerns of the client we will propose complete solutions, which are economic, efficient and readily applicable.

FAO is unique in that it unites the services of economists, accountants and tax consultants into a single product, which is accessible even to private individuals. Our partners combine their qualifications and skills with knowledge and experience gained from their extensive and distinguished professional careers.

It is a sad fact that consultants with the experience and specialised knowledge required to be able to foresee events and not merely provide analysis after the fact, are not so easy to find, especially in this country.

Our methodology is very simple! Our administrative experience allows us to effectively identify what a client wants and needs.


Simply put:

Results and Organisation!

Our name says it all:
Fact, Action and Opinion Economics,


We know, or can find out, everything relating to finance in general or your individual finances!

In our opinion, the recent global financial crisis represents a redefinition of "the starting point" following the technological and production boom of the last 20 years which, as it now seems, was not accompanied by the requisite "tight" monetary policy. Various global support packages were used to try and compensate for this failure.
This situation, however, has already created serious tremors which have shaken the global financial system and created a new state of affairs even in "tax" relations between states (see USA - Switzerland) or redefined the weight of forums such as the G-8, in favour of others, such as the G-20.

Against this global backdrop, Greece is still tracking down tax evasion and is trying to bring the state, businesses and private households into line with the new economic reality.
The adaptation of enterprise and the state cannot be achieved without systems, study, and organised and targeted action. Individuals, companies and institutional investors have understood that in today's ever-changing world with its volatile markets they need support from a substantial and objective financial advisor with whom they can develop a close relationship for the better design of professional and financial aims and objectives.

FAO is this partner, uniquely specialized and flexible.

We are interested in active involvement and seeing the effectiveness of our proposals, so we are

always at your side during their day to day application. Our systematic communication and the personal and confidential attention we will bring to your problem will help us to advise effectively and ensure success.

The fact that we have no dependence on or relationship with any other "parallel" activity in the field allows us to be absolutely impartial and credible in our opinions, predictions or advice...

18 Ploutarchou str., GR - 106 76 Kolonaki, Athens • Phone. 210 - 7258499, Fax. 210 - 7258899
e-mail : info@fao-economics.gr    www.fao-economics.gr